I am PhoenixJ...

Priestess + Muse + Body Artist

And I'm a hott ass mess!

But to be fair, aren't we all a hot mess right now? I can't tell you how many women I meet and ask "Why are you here?" Most women respond with, "I'm a mess." So we're going to be a mess together sis. 

So who is Phoenix? I am a raw, unfiltered, strong, liberated woman. I had a long history of self-abuse, relationship abuse, and the list goes on. Eventually, I got tired of being the victim to the world around me and began my journey to change the way I think and do! The groundwork starts with YOU! I had to face myself and my thoughts until I had my own. 

Consider me the Anthony Bourdain of massage, muse, and sensuality work. If you're anything like me, you've seen tons of women healers with soft-spoken demeanors on their soapboxes about breathing and meditation, well... I just do it a bit differently. I tell you the shit others don't. 

My journey began at an early age. To keep it short and sweet, I was raised to be a boy and a soldier.  Feminity didn't exist in my childhood home. 

Trauma, trauma, trauma, and a touch of drama and enlisting in the Army, and BOOM, the perfect storm was created. 

So here's what you can know about me...

I was a fly by the seat of my pants wild child. I did what I wanted, whenever I wanted, with whomever I did it with and gave zero fucks! Sex and sexuality were a drug, and tools I was gifted with from birth but grew into as a young adult. I found myself in a string of abusive relationships, constantly shaming myself for my sexuality and I had trial after trial. Digging in the trenches sucked, especially when the trenches are YOU!  I was a professional dancer, an exotic dancer, a dominatrix, and a madam. I taught pole dance and sultry movements professionally before diving into the minds of men and women. 

My mission became to fill the void between lovers and "sex taboo stigmas," which interfered with the communication in relationships. People are afraid to say they want, I fix that! For years while I put myself through school, I dug through the trenches of desire for men, women, and couples. 

The truth is...

No amount of schooling is more gratifying than the people you meet firsthand. With that said, I went to school to become a licensed massage therapist and then studied formally the art of psychology which paired with my life experiences. 

My mission now is to be a conduit for women to recharge and empower themselves. I teach you how to remember yourself first and to be liberated from your own toxic thoughts and express your truths and desires.

It all begins with an idea…

There’s a long list of reasons I became who I am; trauma, being lost, and refusing to love and accept myself. Mostly, I love touching people! There’s no way to explain what my hands can hear when I shut down my eyes and see through my fingertips!


How I found MY unique niche!

For me, it has always been more complicated than Swedish or deep tissue. It wanted to utilize my beliefs and all my tools to create my own vision. Unfortunately and fortunately for me, my journey was long and painful. I slaved for corporate structures for years, injuring myself all for the sake of being the best. I floated through life searching for what had yet to reveal itself, until now…!

And I had to learn that the hard way, but first I had to learn and accept myself. My raw self and I wasn’t alone. When COVID 19 hit, I took it as a blessing and as my time to create my own art, healing women. Women bury their emotions, sexuality, and needs every day until the need is gone, forgetting that it is a part of who we are. We simply forget after the kids, the pounds, the men, and age, that we are unique beautiful Goddesses. We forget we are number one. We forget us!

I help women regain their unique selves!

My treatments are designed to address all the physical concerns of a massage but with the intent to unlock physical blockages and pathways that enhance your ability to connect with yourself and your lover! When we feel good, we look good, we think clearer, and can access the pleasure pathways we all crave and need.  Touching with loving intent has many levels, from therapeutic to sensual and seductive. Touch is powerful and beautiful.

A touch is worth a thousand words!

We all need touch, love, and affection. Rituals and ceremonies that celebrate and nurture our individual needs are what I do. After years of working for others and being overlooked and unappreciated, I decided to do ME and that is what I teach you!!!

I combine massage artforms from around the world that have been used for thousands of years to empower women and strengthen the connection between partners, with emphasis on bodywork, spirituality, and empowerment. These pleasure full sessions are tailored to your needs each session called a ceremony or ritual. Together, we search the body for the answers in the tissue. We store trauma, emotions, tension, stress, and barriers in our muscle tissue from the time we are born. Unblocking these energetic and physical blockages gives us back our power and peace. It’s not just a massage, it’s a spiritual journey!

I am not just a professional massage therapist. I am a sexuality muse, an empowered woman and a Priestess. My spiritual journey continues and I am constantly learning and evolving. My mission is to restore the divine to your feminine and give you the pep you need back in your step because like Mya Angelou says, “phenomenal woman, that’s me.” And that’s you too honey!


I am PhoenixJ, body artist, muse & Priestess!