Rituals & Ceremonies

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Yoni Love Ritual

4 Hours


Sanskrit for vagina, the ritual is a series of acupressure points, talk therapy, and pelvic massage. Release trauma held in the foundation of your being, help strengthen the cervical walls and re-connect with your feminine divine. This ritual will help you tune in to areas holding trauma, tension, and numbness. It's been proven to help with sexual dysfunctions. 


Here's what you're in for:

*30/30 Consultation before & after

*Full body massage

*Cranial and sacral pathway release

*Full mapping of your yoni 

*Uma Tea Elixir to cleanse internally

*Yoni Herbal Steam

*Ritual Bath

Full Goddess Ritual

4 Hours


This ritual is the total package! 4 hours of healing the emotional and spiritual bodies through the physical. This ritual opens on a consultation and session layout. Once the intention is set we dive deep!

The Full Goddess is an intensive that exercises the body's negative energies and demons with the foundation of Lomi Lomi which was originally used for exorcisms and insightful journey's inward. While Lomi Lomi is a growing trend, the original purpose our Hawaiian ancestors created it for still applies. The energy we release in this ritual focuses on expelling trauma from its hiding places and gifts you insight into your own mind's healing. If we change our thoughts, we change our lives!


 Here's what your in for:

*Sacred Lomi Foundation

*Physical energy storage release

*Trauma Release

*Basalt Stones

*Hot Oil Scalp Massage

*Breast & heart opening

*Rose Petal Mud wrap

*Yoni Mapping (Internal/external points)

*Pelvic floor release

By the time you are done with this ritual, you will have insight. Often it is not believed that "massage" can be magical, but touch is more powerful than we give it credit for! This ritual is for spiritual gangstas' ready to face themselves & finally take back their own birthright power!

Sacred Lomi Ceremony

2 Hours


This ceremony is an introduction to Sacred Lomi bodywork. Lomi Lomi was created by Hawaiian's to expell, exercise demons, release energy and send you on a vision quest. Without expectation, you allow your body to float on the waves of the ocean. This ceremony is great to begin your journey to recharge and re-establish who you are and what you want. It brings to the surface what's lying in the subconscious and what's on the heart. 

Here's what you're in for:

*Sacred Lomi Foundation

*Raindrop Aromatherapy

*Basalt Stones

*Feet washing Ritual

*Female Specific Acu-points

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Celebration of Love

(Couples Lesson)

4 Hours 


Ever wanted to learn how to massage your partner? Get a bit closer in connection? Touch is a powerful tool for lovers. Loving touch can heal your partner, show them how you feel and bring you closer together. It's a great way to spice things up and honor one another. 

Here's what you're in for:

*Muse guided consultation & coaching

*Tandum 4-hands massage

*Practice time with your partner

*A plush relaxing Queen bed to sink it all in

*Tea, wine choice

*Custom design of session and add on options

*Rose Petals

Signature Add on's

Click photo for description

Rose Petal Mud Wrap
Hot Scalp Massage Ritual
Basalt Stones
Ancient Feet Washing Honor Ritual
Sacred Sugar Scrub Whip
Yoni Love Ritual
Sacred Breast Massage
Hot Yogic Stretch
Dry Brushing
Ritual Bath
Recovery Bed
Raw Organic Butters & Oils
Moon cycle Ritual
Three Women

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